Julia Mounsey © Richard Termine

Julia Mounsey + Peter Mills Weiss (USA)

Das Performanceteam, das aus New York City stammt, schreibt, inszeniert und produziert für das Theater. Julia assistierte bei den New York City Players, dem Soho Rep Theater, dem Ungarischen Nationaltheater und war Regieassistentin bei Young Jean Lee’s STRAIGHT WHITE MEN. Peter spielte und arbeitete zusammen mit Companys wie 600 Highwaymen, The Wooster Group, Richard Foreman und The Wallace Shawn-André Gregory Project.

Seit 2017 präsentiert das Duo eigene Arbeiten, u. a. beim Under the Radar Festival des Public Theaters, bei La MaMa, JACK, dem Soho Rep Theater, dem Deutschen Schauspielhaus Hamburg und dem Radikal jung Festival des Münchner Volkstheaters.





UA: Schauspielhaus Hamburg



Soho Rep Theater, NYC

A show about impotence, empathy, and trauma. A comedy show.

written & performed by Julia Mounsey, Peter Mills Weiss and Brian Fiddyment
produced by Aaron Profumo

„It burrows under the skin like a parasite. There has not been a day since I saw this show when I did not think about it.“ – Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

[50/50] old school animation


New York City Players, NYC

A diptych for two women. One woman outlines her philosophy of suffering. The other woman suffers.

written by Julia Mounsey, Peter Mills Weiss, Sophie Weisskoff & Mo Fry Pasic
performed by Julia Mounsey and Mo Fry Pasic

„The show, with its visceral ghastliness, is right on time.“ — Howard Fishman, The New Yorker

„[…] a rattlesnake-fast two-hander about female betrayal; give them 50 minutes and they’ll take a year off your life.“ — Helen Shaw, TimeOut NY