Marius von Mayenburg © Jón Þorgeir Kristjánsson

Marius von Mayenburg (GER)

is an author, director, dramaturge and translator. Born in Munich, he studied scenic writing at the Berlin University of Arts. He was part of the team at the DT-Baracke in Berlin, and was dramaturge and in-house writer at the Schaubühne Berlin. His plays are successfully performed worldwide and have won several awards. He has translated numerous classics, including works by William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, into German.
His most recent trilogy consists of the plays EX, ELLEN BABIĆ and EGAL. EX premiered in 2021 at the Rikstheatre in Stockholm, Sweden. After the world premiere of  ELLEN BABIĆ in 2022, the entire trilogy will be produced by the National Theater Reykjavik in 2023.

As a director, Marius von Mayenburg has worked at the Schaubühne Berlin, Residenztheater in Munich, Schauspiel Frankfurt and Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, among others.

Prizes (selection):
1998 – Frankfurt Authors Foundation Prize for FEUERGESICHT
1997 – Kleist Promotion Award for Emerging Dramaturges for FEUERGESICHT

Works (selection)



Premiere: National Theater Reykjavik, IS

Simone arrives home from a business trip. Erik, her partner, is in a bad mood. She has built a career for herself. He takes care of the children and ekes out a living editing and translating for a publishing house. Erik feels like a looser because of his family responsibilities. Simone also has the feeling of suffocating.
They wanted to be avant-garde and bitterly realize that equality and success at work combined with family are loose promises of capitalism. A gift brought along and a ringing cell phone turn everything upside down: what is important to them and what doesn’t matter?



Premiere: National Theater Reykjavik, IS

When Astrid invites her boss Wolfram Balderkamp to an informal work meeting to her place, her partner Klara is outraged. Balderkamp teaches at the school where Klara was Astrid’s student ten years ago. What happens when he remembers her? Besides, she can’t forgive his ‘learning methods’. What does Astrid want from him?
Like a spider, Wolfram roams the apartment, weaving a dangerous web with his questioning: Where did the two meet? And when exactly? Whether this one bath towel was gifted to Astrid  by students of the current year? And what exactly had happened with that one girl on the class trip?



Premiere: Riksteater Stockholm, SE

Daniel and Sibylle, married, two children, both have a career, both have settled into their upper middle class life without love and full of reproaches and resentment against each other. The picture-book façade seems to crumble when Daniel comes home late again and receives a phone call from his ex-girlfriend Franziska. As Franziska appears at the door, the trio beginn a bitter game of power, truth and betrayal, at the end of which there are no winners.