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les dramaturx (GER)

is a performance collective of the dramaturgues Lynn Takeo Musiol and Christian Tschirner. The two are as concerned with questions of world preservation as they are with the prose of circumstances. They borrowed their motto “Together we are meaner” (dt. Gemeinsam sind wir gemeiner) from the Bochum magazine “EmanzenExpress” from 1986.
bitter fields was their first joint production, followed by MASTER ROECKLE – a political fable based on Karl Marx’ studies for Capital (both were staged at Theater Magdeburg).

Christian Tschirner, born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, grew up in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz. He studied acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin.

Lynn Takeo Musiol is an author and dramaturgue with a focus on climate, class and queerness. They studied criminology and write regularly for The Weather, nachtkritik.de and “taz”.




MEISTER ROECKLE, based on a fable by Karl Marx


Premiere: Theater Magdeburg

1853: Marx works on preliminary studies for Capital. In the evening, he tells his daughters Jenny and Laura episodes from the fairy tale of Master Hans Roeckle and the Devil. Roeckle is an inventor and puppeteer who signs his soul over to the Devil. In return, he receives magic power to invent anything imaginable. Roeckle believes he is helping the poor inhabitants of the village. Unfortunately, he finds that only a few benefit from his inventions: the rich get richer and the poor – poorer. Frustrated, Roeckle wants to quit and the Devil triumphs as  according to their contract, Roeckle must never stop inventing new things. “How can the Devil be outwitted?” asks Master Roeckle in the fable and Karl Marx in Capital.
A political family play consisting of 9 ¾ magic, ½ politics and six tablespoons of puppetry by les dramaturx.

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Project in cooperation w/ Floating University Berlin

bitter fields


Premiere: Theater Magdeburg in cooperation w/ festival OSTEN Bitterfeld-Wolfen