Roman Wegera © Tobias Brust

Roman Wegera (GER)

Roman Wegera is film director and author. He was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Deutschland, where he studied Media Arts at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts. His graduate mid-length feature WHEREVER PARADISE IS won a prestigious Max Ophüls Award in 2023.
Roman is a member of  VeDRA (German Association for Film & TV) and works as script editor and dramatic adviser. Based in Cologne, he is currently working on his debut.




DE, 28 min

2023 – Max Ophüls Award (Best medium length feature)
2023 – rated as “especially valuable” by the German Film and Media Rating (FBW)

For Russian-German Anja, Germany is nothing more than a gray backdrop. During the day she skips school and makes up gangster scenes with her little brother, at night she eats sausage or challenges her boyfriend’s courage. And while the war in Ukraine makes itself visible in Germany, Anja dreams of leaving for America one day.