Lisa Wentz © Stefanie Freynschlag

Lisa Wentz (AT/GER)

is writer for theater, film and TV from Tyrol, AT. In 2017, she graduated as actress in Vienna. In 2022, she received her diploma in scenic writing from the University of Arts in Berlin, followed by the first workshop performance at the BAT Berlin, multiple participation in the reading series “Glanz oder Harnisch” and an invitation to the dramatists’ exchange at the Luaga&Losna Festival in Vorarlberg.
In March 2020, her play DRECKSKINDER ODER DER VERSUCH EINER ZUKUNF (DRECKINDER OR THE TEST OF A FUTURE) was performed in the Roter Salon of the Volksbühne as part of the ultra festival. Her play ASCHEWOLKEN (ASH CLOUDS) was awarded a special prize in the young talent competition for the German Children’s and Youth Theater Prize 2020 (premiere: 2021 Theater Strahl, Berlin). In 2021, she won the Retzhofer Dramapreis with her play ADERN (premiere: 2022 Burgtheater Wien, director: David Bösch) as well as the Nestroy Authors’ prize 2022. She has been awarded the CAA Berlin Prize for Drama 2023 for her outstanding artistic work.
Lisa Wentz lives in Berlin and Tyrol.




Jo is a teenager, she lives with her family in a Tyrolean village and has to see the pastor regularly. He appeals to her conscience, wants to lead her back to the right path – all because Jo fell in love with a young woman last summer leaving her mother deeply worried. The whole story is a scandal, even a sin in the narrow provincial mindset. Will Jo be able to emancipate herself in her quest for freedom and happiness?

All parents want something special for their children, but no one wants them to be different.” (from TRAITORS)